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You can take advantage of the constant swells that hit our shoreline, we have available all the necessary gear for almost any wave sport.

At your disposal you’ll have a wide range of surf boards, paddle boards, bodyboards & skim boards.

Our Wetsuits - O´neill 5.3mm, are the most suitable for maximum comfort inside the water taking into account the different temperatures of water or seasons.

Surf Gear to rent

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Soft Top (Foam)

These boards offer stability, great buoyancy and a great help in paddling. Absolutely everything focused on making your initiation into surfing as easy as possible.


They have a less dense core, which contains more air, epoxy sheets float more. This allows you to surf with a smaller board and the same buoyancy as a polyester board with the same measurements.


Polyester surfboards have a polyurethane, or PU, foam core with a wood veneer in the middle. This core is covered with fiberglass impregnated with polyester resin. The manufacturing process is very manual, although the larger factories use a machine to carry out the first step of the molding process, everything else is done by hand.

Stand Up Paddle, Skimboard & BodyBoard